Release notes - August 5, 2016

Here are the main changes we included in the new version of the platform launched on August 5: Content Director

We have made two significant improvements in Opportunities: 
  • Re-designed keyword opportunities: 
We have re-designed keyword opportunities so that they are now grouped in a single opportunity, making it easier for you to read on the dashboard. You will now be able to better understand which keywords have performed well in the past as we are tracking respective 'Views'. 

  • Addition of new trending content: 
We have added a new opportunity that helps you to quickly find trending third-party articles on the web to help you create more content. This will allow you to remove the guesswork from figuring out what your audience wants to hear more about. 

  • Updated Promote window:
We have updated the Promote window so that it now contains shares and objectives (like the destination calendar). Now when the Promote window pops up, it will help you know when your distribution goals have not completed while promoting.

All products

  • Improved CSV analytics export
We are now adding Newsletter and Readers to the export of analytics. You will now be able to track the performance of all newsletters as well as the number of people who have read each newsletter. 

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