Knowledge Base

  1. Getting Started 

    1. Is free?
    2. How do I create my account and verify my email address?
    3. What is a topic? What are the benefits of using a content hub for my curated content?
    4. How do I create my first topic?
    5. How do I install the bookmarklet?
  2. Discovering content 

    1. How can I discover great relevant content from the smart suggestion tool?
    2. How can I follow topics from other users who share my interests?
    3. How can I discover new topics to follow on my areas of interest?
    4. Can I add topics I follow to my RSS reader?
    5. What languages does support and allow me to discover content in?
  3. Publishing and sharing curated content 

    1. How do I publish content with
    2. How can I feed my social media accounts by sharing content through
    3. Why should I add an insight to the content I publish? Who will see that?
    4. How can I send a curated email newsletter from my topic?
    5. Can I connect additional social media accounts to my topics?
  4. Branding & Website Integrations 

    1. What are the various ways to integrate my topics' content in a website or blog (Wordpress, Wix etc.) and what are their respective benefits?
    2. How can I integrate to my Wordpress blog ?
    3. Troubleshooting / error messages with my Wordpress integration
    4. How can I brand or customize my topic pages?
    5. How can I embed my curated content on a webpage of my site?
  5. Optimizing and growing through content 

    1. How can I create more topics?
    2. How can I grow my audience and develop my traffic and visibility?
    3. Will Google Search and other search engines index my pages? Does help with SEO?
    4. How can I generate leads from my content curation?
    5. Can I share curation rights to curate as a team?
  6. Planning & workflows 

    1. How can I schedule my posts?
    2. Working with contributors: creating a publishing workflow to validate draft content
    3. How can I ensure my Wordpress scheduled posts are published at the right time?
  7. Stats/Analytics 

    1. How can I access content and social analytics on
    2. How can I access my Google Analytics stats?
    3. How to measure your Content Marketing ROI with Content Director analytics
    4. Why did my analytics suddenly dropped on April 9?
  8. Mobile Apps 

    1. How does the iPhone app work?
    2. How does the Android app work?
    3. for the iPad
    4. How do I install the bookmarklet on my iPad?
  9. Community/Interactivity 

    1. How to develop my community?
    2. Where can I find my community leaderboard?
    3. Can I suggest a post to another topic?
    4. How to contact a curator?
    5. How can I unfollow a topic?
  10. Account Management 

    1. How can I get support on using
    2. How can I change my account password?
    3. Can I change the email address I used to create my account?
    4. How can I unsubscribe from notifications and emails?
    5. How can I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel my subscription?
  11. All articles 

    1. How can I discover great relevant content from the smart suggestion tool?
    2. How can I create more topics?
    3. Is free?
    4. How can I schedule my posts?
    5. How does the iPhone app work?

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