How to install the bookmarklet to scoop any web page on the fly ?

The bookmarklet helps you publish any webpage directly to your topic. If you find interesting content while browsing the web, just click on the bookmarklet and the publishing window will appear without even taking you away from the page that you're on.

To install the bookmarklet, go to and follow the instructions; it’s a simple drag and drop of the button to your bookmark bar (not the browser toolbar).

If you're having trouble or haven't installed any bookmarklet before on your device, here are additional tips:

Installing the bookmarklet on Chrome:

If your bookmark bar doesn’t show on Chrome, here’s how to activate it:
- use the Ctrl+Shift+B keyboard shortcut (Command+Shift+B for Mac users) or
- open the Chrome menu using the wrench icon at the right of the address bar, go to the tools menu entry and click on “Always Show Bookmark Bar”.

Installing the bookmarklet on Internet Explorer:

Right-click the “Scoop it” button on and select Add to Favorites.

Installing the bookmarklet on Firefox:

Simply drag and drop the bookmarklet to your bookmark bar. You can also right-click and save it as a bookmark.

Installing the bookmarklet on iOS:

Step 1: Go to the bookmarklet installation page, and Bookmark it
Tap the add button, make a note of the name and bookmarks folder, then click Save.

Step 2: Copy the Javascript
Copy the Javascript below.


Step 3: Edit the Bookmark
Tap the Bookmarks button, navigate through your Bookmarks folders until you find the new bookmark. Click Edit. Paste the Javascript in the second field (no need to save, it’s saved automatically).

That’s it! You’ve enabled the bookmarklet!

Note: The bookmarklet still doesn’t appear? Try this: go to Settings(Safari), then activate “Always Show Bookmarks Bar”.


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