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  1. ADMIN settings de l’espace entreprise

  2. Animer un topic en équipe

  3. Branding or customizing my topic pages

  4. Can I change the email address I used to create my account?

  5. Can I make a topic page and/or my user profile hidden or private?

  6. Charger son propre contenu

  7. Comment changer l'URL de mon topic ?

  8. Comment changer mon email pour me connecter à ?

  9. Comment changer mon mot de passe ?

  10. Comment changer mon offre vers une offre Pro ou Plus ?

  11. Comment résilier mon offre et revenir sur un plan gratuit ?

  12. Comment se désinscrire des notifications et des emails ?

  13. Comment supprimer mon compte et toutes les données personnelles ?

  14. Comment supprimer tous les posts d'un topic ?

  15. Comment supprimer un topic ?

  16. Comment télécharger ou imprimer ma facture ?

  17. Comment trouver et suivre des topics en relation avec mon domaine d'activité?

  18. Comment utiliser le module Newsletter en vidéo

  19. Connecter ses réseaux sociaux pour partager du contenu depuis

  20. Connecting my social media accounts to share content through

  21. COVID-19 : continuité des services

  22. Création des groupes de topics

  23. Créer une équipe, publier et partager votre contenu

  24. Définir le niveau de visibilité du topic

  25. Developing my community (

  26. Est-il possible de changer l'url de mon profil ?

  27. Facebook company shares - February 2019

  28. Feature : Feed Reader

  29. Feature : Feed Reader

  30. Feature : Newsletter

  31. Get started with content curation

  32. Getting Started with Enterprise

  33. Google+ sharing shutdown

  34. Growing my audience, traffic and visibility?

  35. Hosting your topics pages on your own domain to help with SEO and website trafic

  36. How can I change my account password?

  37. How can I delete my topic?

  38. How can I discover and follow new topics curated by other users on my areas of interest? (

  39. How can I download or print a copy of my billing invoice?

  40. How can I generate leads from my content curation with topic pages?

  41. How can I get support on using

  42. How can I integrate a topic to my Wordpress website?

  43. How can I send a curated email newsletter from my topic? (

  44. How can I unfollow a topic?

  45. How can I unsubscribe from notifications and emails?

  46. How can I upgrade, downgrade, suspend or cancel my subscription?

  47. How do I change my profile picture / avatar?

  48. How do I create my account and verify my email address?

  49. How do I delete my account?

  50. How do I modify, edit or delete content from a scoop once it's published on my topic?

  51. How to connect to a Facebook Page ?

  52. How to install the bookmarklet to scoop any web page on the fly ?

  53. I forgot my password - now what?

  54. I keep being asked to login by the bookmarklet

  55. I'm getting a malware warning from Chrome on my topic page. What do I do?

  56. Installer la bookmarklet sur Chrome

  57. Installer la bookmarklet sur Firefox, Internet Explorer et Safari

  58. Is it possible to change my profile url?

  59. Is it possible to change my topic url?

  60. Je ne parviens pas à afficher la barre des favoris pour installer la bookmarklet

  61. La fenêtre de curation

  62. Module : Feed Reader

  63. Module : Feed Reader

  64. Module : Feed Reader

  65. Module : Newsletter

  66. Organiser et gérer un topic à l’aide des tags

  67. Organiser son contenu à l'aide des groupes de topics

  68. Organize your content within a topic

  69. Progammer la publication d'un post

  70. Publishing and sharing content (

  71. Qu'est ce que la bookmarklet ?

  72. Release Notes - June 27th, 2017

  73. Release Notes - March, 2018

  74. Continuity Plan – COVID-19

  75. PLUS - Présentation plateforme curation publique

  76. Sharing curation rights to work as a team

  77. The curation window

  78. Topics groups creation

  79. Troubleshooting / error messages with my Wordpress integration

  80. Troubleshooting / error messages with social networks

  81. Troubleshooting and optimizing content suggestions

  82. Upcoming changes to Facebook within! [Effective Aug 1]

  83. Upload your own document

  84. Using or Google analytics

  85. Video: Getting Started with PLUS

  86. What are the various ways to integrate my curated content in a website or blog (Wordpress, Wix etc.) and what are their respective benefits?

  87. What is a topic page and how can I use as a content hub?

  88. Why should I add an insight to the content I publish?

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