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  1. Branding or customizing my topic pages ( Topic Pages)

  2. Can I change the email address I used to create my account?

  3. Can I make a topic page and/or my user profile hidden or private? ( Topic Pages)

  4. Connecting my social media accounts to share content through (

  5. Developing my community (

  6. Do my topic pages help with SEO? ( Topic Pages)

  7. Get started with content curation

  8. Getting Started with Knowledge Sharing

  9. Getting started: choosing the right version for me (free, freemium or Saas) and creating my account (

  10. Growing my audience, traffic and visibility? ( Topic Pages)

  11. Hosting your topics pages on your own domain to help with SEO and website trafic ( Topic Pages)

  12. How can I change my account password?

  13. How can I delete my topic?

  14. How can I discover and follow new topics curated by other users on my areas of interest? (

  15. How can I download or print a copy of my billing invoice?

  16. How can I generate leads from my content curation with topic pages? ( Topic Pages)

  17. How can I get support on using

  18. How can I integrate a topic to my Wordpress website?

  19. How can I send a curated email newsletter from my topic? (

  20. How can I unsubscribe from notifications and emails?

  21. How can I upgrade, downgrade, suspend or cancel my subscription?

  22. How do I change my profile picture / avatar?

  23. How do I delete my account?

  24. I earned a gold badge, and now I'm back to silver! Why?

  25. I forgot my password - now what?

  26. I keep being asked to login by the bookmarklet

  27. I'm getting a malware warning from Chrome on my topic page. What do I do?

  28. Installing the bookmarklet to scoop any web page on the fly (

  29. Is it possible to change my profile url?

  30. Is it possible to change my topic url?

  31. Publishing and sharing content (

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  45. Troubleshooting / error messages with my Wordpress integration

  46. Troubleshooting and optimizing content suggestions

  47. Update of June 12, 2017

  48. Using or Google analytics ( Topic pages)

  49. Video: Getting Started with

  50. What are the various ways to integrate my curated content in a website or blog (Wordpress, Wix etc.) and what are their respective benefits?

  51. What is a topic page and how can I use as a content hub? ( Topic Pages)

  52. Where can I find examples of website or blog integrations using

  53. Where can I find resources to learn about content marketing and content curation?

  54. Why should I add an insight to the content I publish? ( Topic Pages)

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