1. Comment télécharger ou imprimer ma facture ?

  2. How can I unsubscribe from Scoop.it notifications and emails?

  3. How to install the Scoop.it bookmarklet to scoop any web page on the fly ?

  4. How can I change my account password?

  5. Can I change the email address I used to create my Scoop.it account?

  6. How do I delete my account?

  7. How can I delete my topic?

  8. Comment supprimer un topic ?

  9. Comment supprimer tous les posts d'un topic ?

  10. How can I upgrade, downgrade, suspend or cancel my subscription?

  11. Is it possible to change my profile url?

  12. Is it possible to change my topic url?

  13. Comment changer l'URL de mon topic ?

  14. How can I generate leads from my content curation with Scoop.it topic pages?

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  16. How can I download or print a copy of my billing invoice?

  17. I forgot my password - now what?

  18. Can I make a topic page and/or my user profile hidden or private?

  19. What are the various ways to integrate my curated content in a website or blog (Wordpress, Wix etc.) and what are their respective benefits?

  20. How to connect Scoop.it to a Facebook Page ?

  21. Growing my audience, traffic and visibility?

  22. Why should I add an insight to the content I publish?

  23. Comment se désinscrire des notifications et des emails ?

  24. Comment changer mon mot de passe ?

  25. Comment changer mon email pour me connecter à Scoop.it ?

  26. Comment supprimer mon compte et toutes les données personnelles ?

  27. Comment résilier mon offre et revenir sur un plan gratuit ?

  28. Comment changer mon offre vers une offre Pro ou Plus ?

  29. Est-il possible de changer mon URL de profile ?

  30. How do I modify, edit or delete content from a scoop once it's published on my topic?

  31. How can I unfollow a topic?

  32. How do I create my Scoop.it account and verify my email address?

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