How can I improve my score?

The Score is a metric provided to you curators in order to assist you in your curation work. It qualifies your activity as a curator (out of 100) and takes into account some of the best practices we’ve found consensual for curators to adopt.

We encourage you to work on increasing your topic quality to differentiate yourself amongst various topics that are searched, browsed or explored by the community. Here’s some advice:

1. Edit your posts

Curation is about sharing context and opinions on existing content. Give more relevance to your specific audience by editing titles and adding text to the curated links using the "insight" feature.

2. Share your posts

Sharing will encourage others to see your content and react to it and having posts with reactions will improve your score as we take it as a sign your content mattered to your audience.

3. Keep your topic updated

“Who reads yesterday’s papers?” Nobody in the world, said Mick Jagger back in ‘67. It doesn’t have to be real-time nor daily but make sure you’re publishing on a regular basis.

4. Suggest to other curators is a community of curators. Building relationships by following and contributing to other curators’ topics will help them pay attention to your own topic and increase reactions, such as rescoops, which we take as a sign of quality (means the content and context were good).

5. Tag your posts

If your topic justifies it, tagging your posts will help your audience and increase your score.

Note: Your score is updated everyday regarding your 30 last days of activity.

 A question mark appears? It means that you have less than 12 posts on your topic page which is not enough yet to start calculating your score.

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