Release notes - March 14th, 2016

Here are the main changes we included in the new version of the platform launched on 3/14/2016:

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  • Suggestion engine update: since most web pages do not include published hours, and instead only include published dates, we have decided to simplify your view to show only the most relevant information, which in this case is the published date. Note: for published articles where there is no publish date available, we will capture the specific date that we discovered the article, and this is the date that will display for you. 
  • Suggestion engine update: the content of the descriptions that show up under the titles for suggested articles will now by default display the section of the original article that contains the keywords that are most relevant to you, instead of displaying the first few sentences of the article as they appear in the original article, allowing you to search more efficiently. 
  • Suggestion engine update: your keywords will appear clearly in bold within the descriptions generated for each suggestion, making your search easier and more efficient.  
  • Edition mode enhancement: We've made it easier for you to edit, so that you may now edit directly within the window. Clicking on either the title or description of the content within the window will now take you automatically into edition mode. You may also now directly publish while you are in edition mode. Content Director

  • New Promote feature now available: great news for your scheduling abilities! We've created a new 'Promote' feature to help maximize the ease and efficiency of promoting your posts. In addition to the 'Share' button, which allows you to prepare the social media messages for each post to share across your distribution channels, a new 'Promote' button now appears. This new option takes you to an enhanced and more comprehensive view of the calendar per post, allowing you to promote your content over time across all of your distribution channels with increased ease and efficiency.  
  • Enhanced lead tracking capabilities: with our new tracking wizard, you will now be able to identify the email addresses of leads generated from different email forms, making it easier for you to measure how your content impacts your lead generation efforts. With the new trackers, you will now be able to collect leads across multiple systems, including Marketo, HubSpot, MailChimp, or any other custom system of your choosing.   
  • New navigation bar: the main navigation bar color has been updated and now appears higher at the top of the page, and is now aligned with the Content Director logo. 

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