Release notes - March 1st, 2016

Here are the main changes we included in the new version of the platform launched on 3/1/2016:

All products

  • New publishing window: we've simplified its design so that you won't have to scroll anymore but will have a comprehensive view of all the various steps involved in the process. More details on how to publish and share with in this updated article.
  • Tag auto-complete as you start to type a tag for a post. Content Director

  • Google Docs integration: you can now attach Google Documents to your drafts so that you can benefit from all the editing features you're used to on Google Docs while planning your content in your Smart Calendar. Once your post is validated, Content Director will format it automatically for your Wordpress site.
  • Support of custom Wordpress post types. Knowledge Sharing

  • New product home page.
  • Support of newsletter analytics.
  • You can now login/sign up with your Google account
  • Bug fix preventing company logo to display correctly on some accounts.

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