Where can I find resources to learn about content marketing and content curation?

Our mission at Scoop.it is to help you publish content to reach your goals. Our software and products are of course designed with that purpose but as we practice what we preach, our content is also here for that. 

Whether you're just getting started with your first posts or an accomplished marketer looking to optimize your content marketing strategy, you'll find actionable and practical guides as well as data-driven lessons learned from our resource center and our blog. Here's what to expect:  

1. The Scoop.it resource center

Our resource center provides evergreen guides and studies that will give you an in-depth understanding on fundamental aspects of content curation and content marketing. It's designed to be a short list of what we believe are the most important concepts and best practices to understand to be successful. Get started with our resources center here.

2. Our blog: the lean content marketing blog

Our blog is where we publish every week things worth learnings for content marketers. It's focused on lean content marketing which is the methodology we've designed with many influencers in the industry, by observing what our users and customers were doing and also by experimenting a lot ourselves. Visit or blog here and don't hesitate to subscribe to it to receive it in your inbox as a weekly update.

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