Analytics: measuring your Content Marketing ROI ( Content Director)

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Focus on the KPIs that talk to your business and to your Content Marketing ROI.

The new Content Director analytics makes it easy to break it down across the various fundamental elements that will help you measure, improve and prove the ROI of content: 

VATL model for content marketing by scoopit

Volume: number of content pieces on your destination sites and by channels on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Because content marketing has compounding returns that build over time, it's critical to leverage your team and curation to sustain your content efforts.

Scoopit Content Director - Analytics - Global Goal Achievements

Amplification and Traffic: how many times your content was shared and what traffic it generated. This measures the quality and the impact of your content on your audience and you can track it as a time-based chart:

scoopit content director - analytics - views and visitorsor post by post:

Leads your content generated. Ultimately, you want your content to convert your visitors into subscribers, prospects or customers and this is what you can easily track with Content Director, again as a time-based chart:

Scoopit content director - analytics - leads generated

 or post by post, which means for each post, how many of your leads saw this post before converting:

To understand how to break down your various posts by performance and take corresponding actions to improve your content strategy ROI, use our content marketing analytics framework. 

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