Promote and distribute content to maximize reach ( Content Director) Content Director lets you optimize the content distribution of both your curated and original content. In just a few clicks you can:

  • program new content to be shared multiple times over the next few days/weeks and over multiple social accounts;
  • re-share evergreen or highly performing existing content;
  • be sure not to over-share by visualizing your sharing timeline.
Our system will automate the distribution of your content based on your goals, the time slots and the social channels you've selected. Only a fraction of your social audience is connected when you share content: by programming your content for distribution multiple times across all channels, you'll ensure your content gets maximum exposure. 

In this article, we'll cover:

1. How to set up your social media channels in Content Director
2. How to automatically schedule content distribution on social channels as you publish new content
3. How to share previously published (curated or original) content from your blog or website
4. How to create a distribution program to promote new posts over time

1. Set-up: make sure you've set up your goals and connected all your social channels

If you haven't done so during your on-boarding session or if you have changed your goals, make sure to define them by clicking the "Edit goals" link on the right side of the corresponding channel in the Smart Calendar view. 

To add more social accounts, simply click on "Add a distribution" also on the right side of the Smart Calendar view:

And pick up the social channel you'd like from this pop-up menu:

Respectively showing from left to right and top to bottom:

  • Facebook profiles
  • Twitter accounts 
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Google+ pages
  • Buffer accounts
  • Facebook pages
  • LinkedIn groups
  • LinkedIn company pages
  • Tumblr blogs
  • Pinterests accounts

2. Auto-schedule posts as you publish them Content Director offers you the ideal  to schedule your posts by setting goals for each of your destinations: for each of your blogs, website, content pages or social channels, you can define the targeted number of posts for each given day of the week and the time slots at which you'd like to publish. Once this is done, you can let Content Director take it from there by choosing the "Auto (based on your goals)" option. 

As you publish content through Content Director, look for the following option at the bottom of the publishing window:

What happens with the Auto (based on your goals) option?

The system will work smartly to find the next available time slot without content for this channel and schedule the post for you. You don't have to worry about it any more: everything will be automated. 

So for example, let's say you want to publish a curated post on your Wordpress blog while also sharing it to your Facebook page, your Twitter account and your LinkedIn company page. By choosing the "Auto (based on your goals)" option, the system will find:

  1. When the next available day is for the Wordpress post. If you already have scheduled enough posts to meet your goals for today, it will then look at the next day for which you've defined goals and perform the same test. And so on until it finds a day where content is missing to reach your defined goal. 
  2. Then the system will define a time of publication by looking at which time slots are defined as acceptable times to publish for your Wordpress channel. The same principle is used: if the first one is already booked, then it'll jump to the next one and so on until it finds a valid time.
  3. Finally, the system will schedule the corresponding social media posts to distribute your future Wordpress posts. The system will work in exactly the same way except of course, it only starts to look from the day and time your Wordpress post is scheduled for as the post can not be shared before it's published.
Such a system makes it very easy for you to simply focus on the content and then let Content Director find the best time to publish it depending on your current content plan and your goals. 

Scheduling posts manually

Of course, you still have options to manually set up your own date and time or to publish the content immediately:

3. Share published (original or curated) content from your blog/website to your social media destinations

If you didn't schedule new content for distribution or if you want to share any previously published post from your blog or website (including content that was published before you used Content Director), you can do so in just minutes. Even better: Content Director will help you identify existing blog/website content to re-share based on performance metrics or your own selection of evergreen content.

3.1 Share a recently published post form your smart calendar

If you click on any validated post (ie scheduled or already published) from one of your destination site in your smart calendar, you'll see a pop-up menu appear:

Click the Share menu and the following pop-up will appear showing not just your post details, your connected social accounts, the editing field to customize your social posts but also on the right side your sharing timeline:

In this view, the greyed-out posts are the ones you've already made. They're ranked from the oldest down to the newest until you can see "Now" which represents the current time. Under that, you will see when future posts will be scheduled based on the social channels you've selected, your defined goals and the scheduling option you've chosen: manual, now or Auto (based on goals).

If you like what you see and only want to re-share this post once to each of the selected channel, your job is done: simply hit Schedule and Content Director will do the rest. If however, you'd like to share multiple times, use the Promote feature described in section 4.

3.2 Identify evergreen or successful content to share or re-share to extend its shelf life 

By clicking on an empty cell of any of your distribution channels in your Smart Calendar, you will easily identify content to re-share through the following pop-up window:

This view gives you access to your entire content library across all your destination sites. You can easily find already published or scheduled content to re-share across all your channels which is a great way to not just engage your audience with performing content but extend its lifetime.

There are several ways to navigate in this view:

  • Filter by destinations if you have multiple ones from the drop down menu in the upper left.
  • Sort by date or popularity by using the "Last posts" and "Most popular" buttons.
  • Search within your content library.
  • Tag any post as evergreen to retrieve them through the upper right "Show evergreen posts only" menu.
Note that for each already published post, you'll find interesting data to help you zoom in on your top performing content: shares, traffic and leads generated by each posts. Check out our article on Content Director analytics for details on these metrics. 

4. Promote your content: create a distribution program to promote your posts over time

Note: this feature is still being rolled out to all customers so it might not be available on your account yet

As mentioned above, you can expect only a fraction of your social media audience to be connected whenever you'll share content. To reach the rest of it, a best practice consists in sharing multiple times over your channels to maximize exposure and reach. Of course, you don't want to overdo it which is what Content Director also helps you do.

To get started, click on a recent post from one of your destination in your Smart Calendar and click Promote:

Or alternatively, click on any empty cell of any of your distribution channels and click on Promote after having selected a post from the pop-up view below:

By clicking Promote, you'll access the sharing timeline of your post across all your social channels in this calendar view:

In this view, you can easily click on each of the calendar cells to create corresponding shares or click on Add shares to program multiple shares at once for this particular channel. With the Promote feature, content is automatically scheduled based on your goals as with the "Auto (based on goals)" option. But instead of adding shares one by one, you can do create an entire program of multiple shares for multiple channels to maximize the reach of your content while making sure you're not over-sharing. And of course, you can revise and fine tune your posts by clicking on any of the blue box that represents an upcoming share. 

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