Hosting your topics pages on your own domain to help with SEO and website trafic

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Content curation is a great way to build an audience: some users have received millions of visits from search engines and social networks to their topic pages. But you have your own website, you can benefit from this traffic and SEO directly on your website by hosting your topic pages on your own domain. 

Host your topic pages on your own subdomain (eg at and keep your traffic on your website. The quality content that you curate will be associated to your brand, help your domain and website SEO and generate traffic that you can convert to become subscribers, prospects or leads.

1. What does it mean and how does it work?

Hosting a topic page enables you to change the address of this page from to an address of your domain, as a subdomain of your chance, ie:

You won't have to install anything and your website hosting won't be affected: the page itself will remain on the servers but its address will now be different. The new address will be propagated to DNS server and search engines such as Google will index it as part of your web domain which will extend your domain's SEO footprint. For instance, if your topic has 493 pages as a result of your content curation activity, you will add 493 pages of great content to your domain which will help it rank on search engine results page for the various keywords and keyword combinations you've used. 

Domain hosting will be transparent to your visitors: they'll navigate on your page at say instead of Domain hosting won't change the look and feel of your topic page but you can easily brand it by using the customization and branding features of your topic page. In particular, you can replicate the navigation of your website to drive traffic from your curated to the other sections of your website. 

By hosting topic pages on your own domain, you therefore increase SEO and benefit directly from the traffic your curated content builds over time.

2. How to host topic pages on your own domain

In order to host a topic page on your own domain, got to the integration menu of your topic and select "Change URL or Domain". Then follow the instructions on the configuration screen:

Here's also a video tutorial:

To send an email to your support team with instructions to do that, click here.

Note: if you want to redirect your main domain to you have to make this double setting for CNAME: and If you want to use a subdomain you just need to put this CNAME:

Once you’ve done this, you may need to wait up to 48 hours for the change to take effect. 

Feel free to contact us if you need any help!

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