New Version 4.0 Features and Changes v 4.0 contains several key changes to to increase the visibility of the most qualified curators and to help up-and-coming curators reach new heights online. These changes include:

New Look and Feel: We’ve updated the way looks online to be current with today’s web trends, as well as more clearly and logically define the various elements of your profile, a scoop, and the reactions that scoop generates. A few areas of note:

  • “Your Community” features experts in your field of interest. Make sure to check out their topics for really incredible insights.

  • Your dashboard now contains more space for your content. Celebrate!

  • Your topic page may look a little different. We’ve changed layout of scoops, so that the sources, curator insight, and related elements are more clearly defined, so the content and curator’s insight shine. Reactions are still available in the mouse-over.

  • Metrics: The score has been replaced by a badging system combining peer recommendation and algorithmic data. See more under “Recommendations” below. You will notice a new metrics portion on your profile page focused on pageviews.

  • If you are a top curator, the “Recommend Widget” will help you discover and recommend the best topics with the best content.

  • Use the “Find” feature to search for content within your topic.

  • You can now optimize your content suggestion engine using “Filters.”

Interest Channels: We’ve added a new layer of organization for content on The best curation for each of these categories is showcased in our Interest Directory. You can win the ability to categorize your topic into a category and increase your visibility by curating high-quality, insightful curation on a regular basis.

Recommendations: You topics can now be recommended by experts in your field to help you gain visibility on Recommendations increase the reputation of your topic online, increase your ranking in search, and also count toward your ability to categorize your topic into an Interest Channel. Keep your publishing clever to receive the most recommendations from your peers.

You can also win the ability to recommend by curating high-quality, insightful content on a regular basis.

Badges: Some topics now sport a Gold or Silver badge. Topics achieving a certain level of quality receive badges, based on a combination of peer recommendations and our own semantic algorithm.

Tag Widget: The Tag Cloud allows users to organize the content within their topics by using clever tags.

To display such a topic tag widget, click on the filter menu and select "Add tag list as first Scoop.".

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