Update of June 12, 2017

The entire Scoop.it platform was affected over the past week by two different types of issues that are now resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience and wanted to give you details on what happened and what we did to resolve these problems.

  • Network issues causing slow response time

 Slow response times were observed on the platform June 6 and 7 and were identified as being caused by network error on the Scoop.it platform. A fix was deployed on June 7. The response time is since then back to normal.

A longer term resolution is planned this week and will not cause any interruption as we deploy it.

  • Image server problems

On June 11, our image server’s cloud service provider failed to deliver access to the Internet causing images to stop displaying on Scoop.it. The problem was fixed a few hours later as we deployed new DNS routes.

A longer term resolution is being planned later on this week.

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