6.4.1 How can I get more accurate results from the suggestion tool?

To get more relevant suggestions, select a topic in "My topics" tab at the top of your Scoop.it page to be redirected to its Curate page then go to Manage>Manage Sources.


or read the information below.

1. Fine tune your sources and keywords 
In curation mode, go to “manage sources”. Here, you can look for new sources by keywords. Enter a keyword in the dedicated field, and press enter: the suggestion tool will be looking for potential sources related to your keyword.

Then, select the ones you find interesting/relevant and they will be added to your list of selected sources. To delete irrelevant sources click on the red “-” button.

2. Add manually your own sources (RSS feeds, customized searches, OPML file)
Have you seen the advanced options for the search sources page? You can find it by going to your topic curate page > manage sources > advanced options.

Here, you can add your own sources from Twitter, RSS feeds, FB page… and even import your own OPML file. And one of the features few people know about is that you can use custom searches in these advanced options, such as “#keyword” or “@keyword” for a custom twitter search or “keyword1 + keyword2 -keyword3” for a custom Google News search. Also, you can use quotation marks to look for a phrase instead of isolated keywords.

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