Release Notes - September 16, 2016

Here are key updates to our software, which launched on September 28, 2016. Content Director

1. Refactoring of the data model


In an effort to increase speed and responsiveness in our software, we have spent many, many hours working to make our product even more efficient to save you time! This should improve load time across the software. Above is what refactoring looks like:)

2. Promotion of social content


As you know, we here at take our social sharing very seriously! In fact, we treat it as the science it deserves to be. As such, we have reformulated our social automation algorithm so that when you use our "Add Shares" feature in the "Promote" window, your content will be staggered across time in a much more efficient fashion. No longer will it appear across multiple days in a row, but rather it will be interspersed between days to ensure you don't spam your audience.

NOTE: Below is what the new "Add Shares" feature will look like in the "Promote" window--automation that spreads the distribution of posts across different days.

3. New module: Image Library

We just launched our official Image Library module (see above), which will populate from your existing CMS as well as capture images you post / upload going forward.  This way, you have a library of images at your fingertips to use for your next post.  Please contact us at to learn more about activating this exciting new feature!

That's all for now.  More exciting updates to come in October!

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