Release notes - September 2, 2016

Here is a key update to our software, launched on August 30th, 2016: Content Director

We're excited to announce the change to our platform layout is here!  Menus, options and buttons haven't moved--they will all keep the same appearance.

However, there were adjustments made to the presentation layer (lines, fonts, etc.) so that items appear more clearly in a grid format. This change will make the integration of the new intelligence module, that some customers are already using, much easier - click here to watch the webinar about our new artificial intelligence module.

Our objective with these small adjustments is to make browsing easier and to clarify menus and options. Moreover, it will allow you to easily activate new modules in our software as we develop them.

If you haven't yet had a demo of our new artificial intelligence module, please contact your account representative at to schedule one today!

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