Release notes - June 1, 2016

Here are the main changes we included in the new version of the platform launched on June 1: Content Director

  • Possibility to add a topic page to your distributions in your smart calendar. 
This new feature allows you to add a topic as a distribution in your smart calendar, just like you would add any other social media distribution. To add your topic, simply click on "Add a distribution" and select the logo (see below). It will then prompt you to link the topic page you'd like to add as a destination and will appear in your smart calendar along with your other distribution channels. 

  • Improvements on the Hubspot integration 
We've made some improvements on the Hubspot integration (categories and templates).

Mobile Apps

  • Android App discontinued
We are removing our Android App from Google Play today as we've seen too much fragmentation among various devices to offer the quality of service we wanted. We prefer to focus on offering a good browser-based experience through our responsive mobile site.

This means you will no longer be able to download our Android App from Google Play but if you already have it installed on your Android device, you can keep using it without any service interruption.
  • New iPhone App (pending Apple validation)
We've updated our iPhone App (which should be available soon in the Apple AppStore once it's validated). Among other things, it brings a new topic presentation, the ability to sign up or create new topics directly from the App and it includes our search engine to discover new posts, topics or users on your areas of interest.

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