Release notes - April 26, 2016

Here are the main changes we included in the new version of the platform launched on 4/26/2016:

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  • New design of the topic menu
We made a simpler and more integrated topic menu to highlight the most important features. The settings part now goes under the "Topic settings" (see screenshot below) for an easier configuration.

  • LinkedIn Group Publishing update
LinkedIn recently informed us that it is restricting developer access to LinkedIn Groups by shutting down the API.

According to the LinkedIn team, has had access much longer than most: restrictions began about one year ago.

Please know that this is NOT a decision but a LinkedIn decision and in no way affects publishing to LinkedIn Profiles or LinkedIn Company Pages. LinkedIn reassured us on their intention to grant us access to these features in the long run. Their decision only affects LinkedIn Groups.

Given the above, we will be removing access to LinkedIn Groups from software this week to prevent any publishing challenges per our discussions with LinkedIn. We will of course let you know if and when access to LinkedIn Groups will be made available again. Business & Content Director

  • Possibility to only include or exclude domain names from your suggestions in the advanced suggestions filters
This new features allows you to filter the suggestions to only display those coming from a given list of domain names. For instance, you can choose to only see suggestions coming from a given website like "" of only ".org" websites. You can also exclude domain names from your suggestions.

To do this, click on "advanced configuration" on your suggestions page:

Then click on "configure advanced filters":

And add the domain names you'd like to include or exclude from your suggestions: 

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