Getting started: choosing the right version for me (free, freemium or Saas) and creating my account (

Welcome to! You're just minutes away from publishing great content to develop your visibility online, build your professional brand, educate your audience or build your business' website traffic, SEO and leads. This article will guide you through your first steps using and point you to the next steps.

1. Is free? What version of should I use? 

Yes! Anyone can sign up for a free account. With a free account, you can get started by creating your first topic, scoop content suggestions or publish any web content with the bookmarklet, and share your scoops to 2 of your social networks. You also have access to the mobile Apps on iPhone and Android as well as for the iPad. The free plan is ideal for students and lifelong learners who want to communicate a developing expertise on a single topic. 

But to make the most of and to get help from our customer success team, consider the following versions depending on who you are and what your goal is:

You are a...Your goal is to...Ideal planSubscribe
or learn more at
Student, lifelong learnerBuild and communicate a developing expertise on a single topic.Free
Professional expertCommunicate your professional expertise to your network so you can stay top of mind and well Pro
Small business owner or consultantAdd more content to your website in just a few minutes per Business
Business intelligence analyst, team leader, HR manager or IT managerShare knowledge or business intelligence with my coworkers securely and privately to build their awareness on strategic Knowledge Sharing
MarketerPublish more and better content to generate SEO, traffic and leads. Maximize your content reach. Measure content impact on strategic KPIs and improve Content Director

2. Creating your account

There are three ways to sign up for a account:

1. Facebook Login: By clicking on the "Sign up with Facebook" button, you can have your profile automatically created for you with the information from your Facebook profile.

2. Twitter Login: By clicking on the "Sign up with Twitter" button, you can have your profile automatically created for you with the information from your Twitter profile.

3. Sign up with email: If you don't wish to use Facebook or Twitter to log into, click on "I don't have a Facebook or Twitter account" and you can enter your information manually. Note that in this case, we will ask you to verify your email address by clicking on a verification email we will send you. If you don't see the verification email, please check your spam folder.

**Logging in with your social networks is a super easy shortcut to creating your profile in one click and will also require you to add one less sharing option when you're all set up!**

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