Do my topic pages help with SEO? ( Topic Pages) is indexed every day by Google Search Engine and other search engines and new pages are added constantly. topic pages have received hundreds of millions of visits since the platform was launched and on average 40%+ of this traffic came from Google and other search engines - as shown in the graph below that gives a breakdown of trafic sources to topic pages:

1. Getting your page to be indexed by search engines and optimizing its visibility:

It will take a few days for your topic to appear and here’s what you can do to improve your visibility, based on what we’ve observed :

1. Add insights to your posts: curation is about adding context and we’ve seen posts with edited content perform much better than posts with simple quotations.

2. Share your posts: though not all sharing activities create back links, sharing generates re-sharing, comments and other reactions that will help.

3. Publish frequently: topics that are not updated for a certain period of time perform less than regularly updated topics.

4. Add insights to your scoops: even just a few sentences can help by adding more original content to your curated content and bringing context. A collection of curated content on digital marketing will have more chance to rank in search results for queries such as "best SEO resources for real estate" if most of the curated links are annotated with insights for real estate websites owners.

5. Use tags: to add even more context to your topic page.

2. Using topic pages for your website SEO:

With Plus or Content Director, you can host your pages on your own domain to boost your website search footprint and SEO. By applying the above tips, your curated content will now not only be visible in search engine result pages but will direct visitors to your domain. 

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