Release Notes - November 11th, 2016

Here are key updates to our software, which launched on November 11, 2016. Content Director

1. New newsletter system: we've developed an entirely new newsletter system that will allow you to create, edit and export a newsletter from scratch using drag and drop modules from within a defined template.  Please reach out to us at for details on this exciting new system!

2. Twitter (handles & hashtags):
now when sharing or promoting to Twitter, we will autocomplete any user handle or hashtag you type into a scoop, share or promote window.

Example: Scooping from the content suggestion engine

Example: sharing from the content suggestion engine

Example: promoting content from the smart calendar or after publishing a post

All Accounts

1. Twitter (video posts): when sharing a video to Twitter, the video will now play within the post directly on Twitter.

Example: sharing as a video on Twitter from the scoop window

Example: the video playing in the post on Twitter

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